What is Really Happening with Forex Strategy

Quite often the strategy will have specific rules related to a certain currency pair. For instance, scalping strategy cannot be implemented on daily chart. In doing forex trading, a great forex strategy is necessary so as to win trades. Your forex strategy can help you decide on when to trade and what trades you will… Read More »

One of the Most Ignored Solutions for Euro

The Lost Secret of Euro The Euro The euro is a comparatively new addition the currencies in the foreign exchange market. For softer rock music it is a good pick as well. When it was introduced the European economy could not perform a significant growth in GDP for a short period of time. You need… Read More »

The Fibonacci indicator explained

For those who love trading market retracements, then Fibonacci indicator is the best indicator to do technical analysis with. The indicator is developed to assist traders identify various levels that the market could probably hit as it retraces. If you are familiar with forex trading, you could agree that trading retracements is normally the most… Read More »

What is scalping in Forex?

There are different Forex trading strategies and it depends on the one that you feel best suits you. The bottom line remains that you have to have a trading strategy whenever you are trading forex. Most importantly the trading strategy should make more profits than losses. If not so, you should look for another trading… Read More »