Why not apply to if you need to receive quick monetary assistance? This company is one of the leading loan lenders in the industry. It is one of several loan lenders who have State Licenses. Plus PayDay One was the first loan lending company to provide a completely fax free online loan in 2001. However, much more can be said about PayDay One! They offer their services 24 hours a day 7 days a week and the customer satisfaction rates show that they really manage to help people in sticky financial situations.  With PayDay One you do not have to worry about your security because their website is fully protected. The rates that PayDay One offers are among the lowest in the industry. Apply right now and get your money within one day! Remember that you are the most valuable asset for PayDay One, and your comfort is guaranteed.
If you are thinking of finding a payday loan provider to help you fix your financial troubles, you should definitely consider getting a cash advance from PayDay One.

What is PayDay One All about?

is a popular loan lending company that offered the first fax free online loan back in 2001. It was a major breakthrough for the entire industry of payday loans. PayDay One still manages to be the leader in the loan market. This is a fully State Licensed company, so you can be sure that working with PayDay One is a legitimate way of getting extra cash when you need it.

Why Should I Work with PayDay One Company?

Well, there are plenty of advantages that PayDay One has over their competitors.

First, they treat all customers with utmost care and attention, and their customer satisfaction ratings are among the highest when compared to all other payday loan lenders. If you have any questions during the process of applying for the loan or later on, you can contact the representative of the company by phone or via email. The FAQ page can also help you in most cases: it is written in a user friendly manner and covers a lot of important points. In short, with you can count on being helped and guided at any point when you might need it.

Second, with you can be 100% sure that your sensitive personal information will be processed in the most secured manner. The website of PayDay One is SSL secured, which means that none of your information will be used in an illegitimate way. In addition to that, PayDay One is fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The credibility of PayDay One helps this company stand out.

Third, dealing with is the cheapest way of getting extra cash when you need it. Even though the rates that PayDay One offers have slightly increased recently, they are still much lower than the rates that most payday loan dealers offer. In most cases, if you would like to borrow $100, you will need to pay $22.50. This adds up to an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 586.61% if counted for a 14 day cash advance.

How Can I Get a Loan from PayDay One?

Getting a loan from is incredibly easy. Their loans are available by phone or via Internet in 31 different states. The process of completing an application will not be difficult for you and will not require any additional information. None of the questions will be provocative, and you credit score will not be checked. Remember that you will not have to fax any documents. It means that the procedure is completely hassle free. You can apply round the clock, and the approval process will not take more than a few seconds. By the way, there is no need to worry about getting lost in the application process. The website of is really easy to use and navigate.

Apply today and appreciate the benefits of dealing with PayDay One.